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Marja-Hogan-Portrait copy.jpg

I have spent the past ten years painting and exploring my creativity in my studio, overlooking the Lachine Canal

in Montreal.

I am inspired by the beauty of the nature surrounding me, especially the flowers, trees, mountains and the swaying wheat fields of the prairies.  I find tremendous beauty in flowers, especially peonies, the subject of my latest paintings.  After years of painting more traditional landscapes, still life, flowers and portraits of both 

children and animals, I have returned to the subject I love best, flowers.  I especially love the sensual peony with 

its large, glossy much divided leaves.  I use photo images, taken by myself or others, close crop them and then 

zoom in, filling the canvas with their inner beauty, creating a form of abstraction.  I have always been inspired by 

the large scale, magnified and close cropped florals of Georgia O’Keefe.  Although I have worked in both acrylic 

and watercolour, I prefer the buttery texture of oil paint.

I have participated both solo and group shows and over the years have taken classes and workshops in Montreal, 

France and the Bahamas.

My paintings can be found in private collections in Canada and the Bahamas.

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